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RE: Custom View of Custom Aquatic

Steven Maier said, in part:

> . . .Custom Aquatic. Very fast service,
>  Very low prices and very huge selection. I have 
>  tried several others and 
> don't mess with anyone else.

I have used them a small number of times.  They aim to please.  Not bad
prices either -- good prices considering they cater to reefers -- most
reefer shops seem to think 5% off is a discount ;-) .   A lot of stuff
is high end, pricey stuff, but they sell it for less than many others

I personally don't care for the site software.  I got chewed out for
complaining about BigAl's site software (which I still don't really
care for  :-P ) so I'll say up front that Custom Aquatic's software is
not unusable nor ugly and the navigaton and appearance are much
improved in recent times, imo.  

But I will add that it sometimes takes me so long to get to what I am
looking for that I give up and look elsewhere. 

But your connection might be better and you might like the navigation.

They tracked down a part for me that no one else could or would find. 
It took several months to get a part number and then the part from the
distributor, but they stuck with it and delivered (literally) for less
than others would have charged me.

As has been said, good prices and pretty good selection, aim to please
-- its certainly worth a look if you are shoppiing.

Scott H.

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