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RE: Will sword plant grow as terrestrial?

> Does it have a chance, or do the roots really need to be in the water?

I don't know if it qualifies as "terrestrial" but I grew a very nice "Rose
Queen" sword plant from a plantlet out on my deck bog garden last summer.
This is a 3" deep tray filled with water and peat moss, housing a 1/2 dozen
4" and 6" pots filled with peat.  I grow Marsh Marigolds, pitcher plants,
and sundews (and a lot of moss) in this.  The peat stayed mostly wet, though
the sword plant survived some rather dry times. Pennywort liked this
environment as well.  The sword did well until October, actually out growing
its twin that was planted submerged.  I'll try some more aquarium plants in
the bog this summer.

Joe K

in Takoma Park, MD
with a nice crop of Callas, pineapple lilies, and rain lilies blooming on
the deck.