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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V5 #181

> Diana Berberich  asked "The other I found at a
> > LFS.  It has mottled leaves of olive green and maroon.
> > The leaves are not smooth like a nuphar leaf I have
> > seen.  The leaves look like hammered leaf texture.  I
> > was told it was some kind of african plant and it
> > started with nuphar."
> It sounds like an African Tiger Lotus Nymphea lotus or zeketri (might be a
> sp there) I belive www.tropica .com has them on the site.

Nymphaea lotus Zenkeri. Nice plant. Spread a lot, propogates quickly,
though. Keep it cut down, or it will cover the top of the tank very
quickly and suck up all the light.

Ed Dumas