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Re: is it a nuphar or some kind of other water lily?

>> I have two lilies of some sort in my tank.  One, I
bought as nuphar daubyana.  The other I found at a
LFS.  It has mottled leaves of olive green and maroon.
The leaves are not smooth like a nuphar leaf I have
seen.  The leaves look like hammered leaf texture.  I
was told it was some kind of african plant and it
started with nuphar.  Where could I look on the web to
find some photos or drawings that might help me ID
this plant?  For that matter, where do I find a photo
of the nuphar daubyana, aside from the one provided by
Robert Hudson?  I searched on my own but found nothing
close or useful.
Thanks, Diana  <<

I think you are getting Nymphaea  and Nuphar mixed up. Nymphaea  daubenyana
is an african lily. Nymphaea includes the species commonly known as Red
Tiger Lotus and Green Tiger Lotus, as well as a long list of tropical lilies
used in ponds, and hardy perenial lilies used in ponds. Nuphar japonica
comes from Asia, and there is a Nuphar specie native to parts of eastern US,
as previously discussed here. Nuphar can also be grown in ponds. I have
quite a few tubers in a plastic tub outside that are doing just fine. I will
have to move them indoors when winter comes.

The african lily you have sounds like a Nymphaea  specie.

BTW, I will take this opportunity to plug my pond lilies again. I have
several "hardy" species available still....including some miniature ones
that grow leaves only 2 to 3" across with gorgeous bright colored flowers.
Great for small tub gardens. I also have the prized "Moondance" variety
developed by Floriada Aquatic Nurseries which has white star shaped flowers
with bright yellow centers.

Robert Paul Hudson