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Re: cascading water fall steps...

Travis Kinney said:

> The University of Maine has a student lounge with a large stair divided by a
> cascading waterfall that runs down the middle. Looked cool until some
> student thought it would be funny to dump in some soap detergent. Then it
> looked AWESOME! I imagine the maintenance people were less than thrilled.
> How they are supposed to keep other kids from doing the same will be
> interesting. Quite the sight after about 20 minutes of bubbling!

Yeah, my high school where I work did a similar thing. Between the high
school and the college located on the same campus, $100,000 was spent on
a pond and fountain all outdoors. The thing was actually in use for
whopping two months before someone had the bright idea to soap it. The
first time the pump was destroyed like this, it was replaced. The second
came shortly afterwards and the pond has sat dry ever since, now going
on 10 years. (The shame of it all is that good money was spent on this
when I had my budget for my band program cut from $160,000 of start-up
money to a mere $38,000.)

Here is a thought I read once from a local newspaper: Imagine what our
society would look like if we did not have to worry about vandalism. It
would be a far more beautiful place than it is now. The hidden cost of
vandalism is the uglying of our world. Hmmm...

Ed Dumas