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Rena Canister -- Oops

I picked up a Rena xP1 canister filter for a tank I was setting up for
a friend.  I had heard bad things about Eheim Eccos.  Eheim Pro IIs
(which I think are great) are too big.  And I wanted something easier
to maintain than the 2213 yet quiet.

The Rena arrived with output (pressure side) but no input (suction
side) tubes!  How's that for quality control.  

The rotor blades are about 1/8" tall.  That might not be a problem but
my concern with short blades is that they break off easily if the rotor
wobbles if the motor is ever run dry (start too soon, air bubble,
whatever).  We'll see how it holds up.  I haven't used one of these

The media basket is small (less than half the volume of the canister it
appears).  It is  especially small given the expected flow rate -- I
expect about 2/3 to 1/2 of the advertised rate, which is for
"unrestricted pump."  Seems to be built on the principle, move lots of
water over a little media.  Certainly not built according to Eheim's
credo of moving a relatively moderate amount of water over lots of

After seeing an Ecco and seeing this, I kinda wish I bought the Ecco,
at least it had a priming pump.

What I really wish is that Eheim made a smaller version of the Pro II
(2026, 2028).

Experiences, comments, criticisms, corrections are welcome.
Scott H.

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