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re: While we're on the creative tanks thread...55G

William wrote:

> I guess what I'm asking is if I did a yeast CO2 setup, a relatively
> low-light set-up, how much light would I need? Would I need more than for
> a "non-show"/"breeder" tank because of its depth?

The depth of a 55 gallon tank is not a special lighting problem.  I don't 
know how much light you think is appropriate for a "non-show"/"breeder" tank. 
 I grew plants in a 55 gallon tank with 70 watts of light through a cloudy 
glass cover with no added CO2.  I would suggest using more than 70 watts, but 
how much light you need depends on how patient you are and on the selection 
of plants you want to grow.

Roger Miller