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is it a nuphar or some kind of other water lily?

Hello Folks:
    To those who answered my question -- Thanks for
the info on ballasts - I still don't exactly get it
but things seem a bit clearer, and I am thinking of
experimenting when the time comes.  I still don't
understand why AH Supply ballasts will run some
compact florescents and others won't even lite up when
properly connected in same hood.  Anything to help me
with this distinction would help.  They both had two
contact prongs and looked the same to me?!
    I have two lilies of some sort in my tank.  One, I
bought as nuphar daubyana.  The other I found at a
LFS.  It has mottled leaves of olive green and maroon.
The leaves are not smooth like a nuphar leaf I have
seen.  The leaves look like hammered leaf texture.  I
was told it was some kind of african plant and it
started with nuphar.  Where could I look on the web to
find some photos or drawings that might help me ID
this plant?  For that matter, where do I find a photo
of the nuphar daubyana, aside from the one provided by
Robert Hudson?  I searched on my own but found nothing
close or useful.  
Thanks, Diana  

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