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Mulm and other debris

After recently setting up a tank (two weeks now) I am now going thru what
must be a plant "die off" phase I am noticing a lot of plant mulm and
rotting dead leaves and stems on the bottom and in the water column.  The
plants did not look real good when they arrived.  All plants seem to be
growing but this die off is really making the tank look ugly (from my purely
anal perspective).  It is "clogging" the Java Fern roots and settling in all
manner of unpopular places.  Is this "die off" normal?  Is the rotting
vegetation ok to leave in the tank?  Is there a fish which would enjoy this
feast without eating the "live" vegetation?  My PH stays around 7, KH around
9-10 and I am injecting Co2. Just started PMDD three days ago.

Thanx in advance!

Michael from beautiful Northern Indiana where the rotting vegetation is
stinking up the library...