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Re: No TMG?!!

Hey gang,

Shireen G. wrote:
>>Does anyone know what the heck this is about? Will
other plant fertilizers follow? I tried searching the
FDA webpage, but could not find anything. If I get
anymore info, I'll pass it along.<<

Sounds like those who are "rolling their own" may be
in good shape. I'm sure that an American company like
SeaChem won't be affected by such things although,
just in case, could someone tell us again what the
latest PMDD trace mix is again?

Something like Plantex, or CSM, or something like

Maybe Dr. Morin will be good enough to give us some
"heads up" if it is likely that we will be without
Flourish for a while (heaven forbid). 

I like TMG and Flourish the same (which is alot), but
if I have to brew my own, I'd like to be aware of
whats going on. 

John Wheeler 

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