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Re: Tropica Mastergrow shipment restriction

Katie Nakayama said:

> I just called bigalsonline to see when they would get more TMG 500ml,
> and I was
> informed that there's a shipment restriction on the product, and it
> would take
> at least a few months. If anyone is running out, get the 250ml before
> they run
> out!
> Does anyone know of any other place that can match bigalsonline's
> price for TNG

No.  But let me throw this out there.  PetPlace will match the prices
on other dealer's items if they are published/listed by the dealer and
the item is *in stock* (otherwise someone might advertise a price for a
product they don't have just to drain revsat petplace).

They tend to follow each other with prices anyhow.  But pet place
doesn't even carry TMG.  So if enough of us call/write and ask for it,
maybe they will carry it and at the usuall discount :-)

Scott H.

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