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Re: Ballast talk....

Travis wrote:

Since were talking ballasts a lot, I have a question. I have three never
used Magnetek ballasts. 806-SLH-TC-P rated for (2) F96T12. I have been
wondering if these can be used for anything other than 8' bulbs? Can
power T5's, T8's, or even compact fluorescents? If they are useful, I
use three of them and may even have a couple more. If you might be
interested contact me off list.


If they are electronic ballasts they might be useful however I think
they are intended to run 75 watt lamps and I am not positive that the
F96 lamps are part of the same family as the 2', 3' and 4' lamps which
operate at 430 mA. These things used to be easy to check but since
Phillips "upgraded" their website I can't find that info anymore so I am
not sure what to tell you. If they are 430 mA lamps then you should be
able to run the whole T12 family off those ballasts but you won't be
overdriving very much.