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Anubias propagating...

I cut off a section of my Anubias root, about 1/2" in length and had a
couple roots with it. I kept it in a small aquarium on my desk at work. I
had a 50watt grow bulb pointed over the tank and the root was within 5" of
the surface. Took about three weeks for anything to happen. I didn't notice
the roots growing or anything happening. Then one day I saw a little green
bump forming. That bump, and another just like it, grew a small leaf. VERY
small, about 1/8" across. I know have it in a 10-gallon tank and it hasn't
changed it's appearance for the last two weeks. I guess it's going to grow,
because it hasn't rotted. Maybe the high wattage of lighting helped it to
form a leaf bud?