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Fantasy tanks

Ghazanfar Ghori wrote

    ..so you could have a 'river' theme going. The waterfall at one end
cascading down some rocks and flowing down to the other end of the tank 
where the overflow would be for the wet/dry. A rocky substrate near the 
waterfall changing into a sandy one as the 'river' flows. Planted along the 
length with wood sticking through the water at several locations. Some open 
areas for the corys to school in. Maybe a 'bank' made of cork bark wit moss 
& plants on it. A school of cardinals and other tetras, maybe some discus. 
You'd need to run a dehumidifier in the room. Maintainence could be a 
nightmare.Imagine cleaning 20ft of glass! Ok I gotta stop dreaming and get 
back to work.

In the suburbs of London (UK)there is a small museum, called the Horneman 
museum, that has an aquarium that cascades down the stairs! It is made up of 
a series of interconnected small tanks each at a lower level than the 
previous one. The water collects in a larger tank at the bottom of the 
stairs from where it is pumped back up to the top. It is designed to 
represent a stream flowing from the hills to the sea and includes small 
waterfalls and land areas. So there is no need to confine your 'river' to 
one room or even one level!

Roy Wadey.

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