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ge 'workhorse'

Just visited the 'depot again ... thought I'd try a little

I picked up one of the aforementioned GE 4x32 (t8) ballasts for
$29.97 (found one tagged at that price, cashier wanted to get
me for $35.97).

The ballast is a GE Magnatek Triad Instant Start Electronic
Ballast The number on it is: B432I120RH (spec sheet here

Also picked up a pair of Philips 24" 4100K F15T8/HL (the
15w part doesn't sound right for a 24" bulb) ($5/ea)

After replacing my two RS magnetics with the one IS electronic,
it immediately lit all four of my original T12's (F20T12), so I 
swapped two 12's for two 8's ... no problem ... 8's were of 
course much brighter.

I also tried overdriving the 12's and the 8's ..Drove all them 1x, 2x,
3x and 4x with little noticeable difference between 3x and 4x.

Might just try OD'ing the two 8's alone tomorrow, see how well they
light the tank compared to the 4 12's previously installed.

What's funny is the 4100k T8's *appeared* almost the same 'color'
as the 5000k "daylight" t12 (ge chroma 50).  Wonder if the plants
will care.

Specs on the T8's are crummy, at best...

Their part # is 046677-24987-0 (F15T8/HL)

CRI is only 62!!, life only 7500 hours (probably less running at 32w
on this ballast)

Anyone used either of these philips (maybe in a diff. wattage):

F17T8/TL865 PLUS
F17T8/TL930 (only 3000 kelvin, but the specta they present
on the website looks very broad, not just big peaks like other

Or this sylvania (again, diff wattage maybe)

Or this GE