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Re: Ballasts for flourescent lights

> Subject: Ballasts for flourescent lights 
> From: Diana Berberich <fishfaceid at yahoo_com> 
> Date: Tue, 25 Jun 2002 09:05:15 -0700 (PDT) 
> http://www.fullspectrumsolutions.com/UltraLux-Ballast.htm
> I did call them and speak to them and got answers that made me feel 
> that this might solve my problems. I am pleased with it driving my 4, 
> 36 inch tubes.  But I would like to convert or add some 36 watt or 
> 55watt compact florescents (the double tubed jobs).  Is there any reason 
> to believe that this ballast or any other ballast that is designed for 
> single tubes should not be appropriate to drive compact florescents? 
> I have asked this question before but never got an answer from anyone.
> Thanks, Diana

The 36W compact fluorescents that are 16.5" long with a single T5 tube
bent in half will work just fine on a F40T12 ballast.  That old "tar"
ballast that you have in your junk box from an old 4' fluorescent
fixture should work -- the lamp has *very* similar electrical
characteristics as the old 40W T12 lamps.  The 36W to 40W compact
fluorescents that are 22.5" long will work just fine on a ballast made
for F32T8 lamps (usually electronic, but I think there are some magnetic
ballasts out there.)

Best regards,