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Re: Re: Fish tank fantasies

Some thoughts:

With a tank this big, you could make *parts* of it open-topped, others
closed, and slightly reduce the humidity. Also, the covered parts could
have standard hoods with more intense light for, say, your Rotala
macrandra or whatever.

Cleaning algae? No problem. You just need, oh, two or three hundred
Otocinclus. :-) Actually, if you kept a tank like this understocked, it
might not be too much work. Then the only issues would be structural and
financial... Hey, if it went *all* the way around the room how would you
get in or out of the room?

BTW, with the original tank in a tank thread: water weighs eight point
something pounds per gallon. If you put a ten gallon "dry" tank inside a
"wet" tank, it displaces 80+ pounds of water. That's 80+ pounds of force
pushing in and UP. (Double that for a twenty gallon inside tank.) Wanna
try to fit 80+ pounds of rock in there and still have room for
plants/amphibians/whatever? Maybe you need to replace those plastic rims
on the all-glass tanks with lead ones. ;-)

Anyway, the point is, that's the forces you're dealing with, and why a
dry outside tank makes more sense... But I do have to say, the "moat"
look is really neat; more so than dry around the wet, I think. :-)


Having fun toying with uses for the 55-gallon acrylic tank I just got my
hands on...

> Date: Tue, 25 Jun 2002 11:43:50 -0400
> From: "Ghazanfar Ghori" <ghori at ghori_net>
> Subject: Re: Fish tank fantasies
>     ..so you could have a 'river' theme going. The waterfall at one end
> cascading
>     down some rocks and flowing down to the other end of the tank where
>     overflow would be for the wet/dry. A rocky substrate near the
>     changing into a sandy one as the 'river' flows. Planted along the
>     with wood sticking through the water at several locations. Some
>     areas for the corys to school in. Maybe a 'bank' made of cork bark
> moss & plants
>     on it. A school of cardinals and other tetras, maybe some discus.
> need to run a
>     dehumidifier in the room. Maintainence could be a nightmare.
>     Imagine cleaning 20ft of glass! Ok I gotta stop dreaming and get
back to
> work.
> > "I imagined a tank that would extend around several walls of a
> > room, at seated eye level, with an open top, lights mounted on the
> > which would also function as room lights  (ok, by default a
relatively low
> > light setup), and a waterfall at one end with so fish could swim
> the
> > whole thing, and you could look at it from the side (sitting down) or
> > top (standing up)....."

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