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Re: hargrass

> Which subspecies do you have? Theres a few different kinds in the hobby.
> The one I have grows to about 6" tall. I've been trying to find one that
> grows
> shorter but I have yet to find it. If you want to restrain it from
> spreading, try
> growing it in a clear container or a container with your substrate
> siliconed to
> it. That will prevent the runners from going all over the place: from my
> observations
> the runners don't run on the surface, but rather right under it.

E parvulus is the shorter grass, E. acicularis is taller and often sold as
dwarf hairgrass. E vivipara is a ratty branching type that use to be quite

It's somewhat picky to start but then really picks up once the roots
establish(1-3 weeks). Likes cooler water, moderate light(warmer colors did
better), lots of CO2, clean water etc. Needs vacuumed and/or combed to keep
looking nice or pruning by sod piece removal etc. Shrimps, snails work best
for cleaning.
Tom Barr