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Fantasy tanks and dehumidifiers

I really liked Diane's idea of a surround the room tank.  But...

I have a 200 gal and a 55 gallon tank in one room of my house that I don't
usually heat or air condition.  Since I am in the south, it is the lack of
ac that is the problem.  The room get's humid and the mold grew on the

So I bought the dehumidifier.  So with the dehumidifier running, the darned
thing runs all the time, the water evaporates out of the tanks faster and my
electric bill goes through the roof. 

Some plastic wrap taped over the openings works great but looks like crap...
...so my desire for a large open topped tank in that room is gone bye bye<g>

I guess I will stick to my little container ponds (outdoors) for the open
top effect.


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