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mystery plant revisited

Has anyone heard of Nymphaea crispus? I can't find
it on the web. But that's the name of my mystery plant,
according to my LFS. The person supplying the plant
originally got it in Japan, and provided the above-
mentioned ID from a book about Oriental aquatic plants.
But, heck! I want confirmation!

It's a stem plant with one single roundish heart-shaped
leaf at the top. The leaf is light green and has the color
and texture (quite fragile) of young Cape Fear Spatterdock
leaves. But unlike CP Spatterdock and lily-type plants,
it has not rhizome. Propagation is done from cuttings:
pinch the leaf and bit of stem off, and shove it in the
ground -- it develops a nice root system in just 2 weeks
or so. I even planted a piece of bare stem off and it
developed roots!

At Cavan's suggestion (he's also scratching his head over
the cuttings I sent him), I've mailed cuttings to the
venerable Mr. Barr, and look forward to his opinions.
Meanwhile, does anyone else have any info on the plant
described above or about N. crispus?

BTW, here's a funny story. Last week, KL, our favorite
Singaporean, offered to send me cuttings of a mystery plant
in his tank. He provided a brief description. I got suspicious
and asked if it had this, and that, and so on. Turns out we're
puzzling over the *same* plant, half-way around the planet!
How totally cosmic is that!

And KL's response:
               Great minds plant alike.


Shireen Gonzaga
whimbrel at comcast_net