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Re: Fish tank fantasies

    ..so you could have a 'river' theme going. The waterfall at one end
    down some rocks and flowing down to the other end of the tank where the
    overflow would be for the wet/dry. A rocky substrate near the waterfall
    changing into a sandy one as the 'river' flows. Planted along the length
    with wood sticking through the water at several locations. Some open
    areas for the corys to school in. Maybe a 'bank' made of cork bark with
moss & plants
    on it. A school of cardinals and other tetras, maybe some discus. You'd
need to run a
    dehumidifier in the room. Maintainence could be a nightmare.
    Imagine cleaning 20ft of glass! Ok I gotta stop dreaming and get back to

> "I imagined a tank that would extend around several walls of a
> room, at seated eye level, with an open top, lights mounted on the ceiling
> which would also function as room lights  (ok, by default a relatively low
> light setup), and a waterfall at one end with so fish could swim around
> whole thing, and you could look at it from the side (sitting down) or the
> top (standing up)....."

Ghazanfar Ghori
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