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Re: Fish tank fantasies

Madan Subramanian wrote:

"Oh God ! What else is out there ?"

There is a really crazy book out called something like "the cats house"
with pics of amazing modifications of a house that some very devoted
cat-crazy people did:  little ramps around the walls near the ceilings,
little tunnels through the walls and between floors for the cats to walk
through....so after looking at that, and thinking about how nice ponds are
vs tanks, and not having a yard for a pond, but the side view of a tank is
nice too....  I imagined a tank that would extend around several walls of a
room, at seated eye level, with an open top, lights mounted on the ceiling
which would also function as room lights  (ok, by default a relatively low
light setup), and a waterfall at one end with so fish could swim around the
whole thing, and you could look at it from the side (sitting down) or the
top (standing up).....but somehow I just haven't gotten around to making it
happen....money, mold, landlords, all making it a non-trivial exercise.
Anyone else want to build one of these and show us how it looks?