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Re: tank ideas -- tanks in tanks

Robert Chady added a new page to the tank-in-tank (dryland-moated) tank
> The store there had a small upside
> down
> tank submerged inside a larger tank.  The substrate was built up on
> part
> of it so it was dry.  Air was bubbled in to the upside down tank to
> cycle 
> the air and keep it full as well.
> The reason for all this?  Dry land for crabs to crawl up on.  Was
> really
> slick to see this small little island under the water with crabs
> crawling
> up on dry land.. under water.

Another fresh notion  :-)
Instead of having a side of the inner tank low as a spill way or
overflow, have a panel shorted on the bottom end to led things crawl

What about suspending a short dry land tank inside but not at the
bottom of the big tank?  Under it you could have "caves" from a pile of
rocks, so to speak.

Scott H.

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