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Re: Anubias sp

Hey Gang,

Michael Eckhardt wrote (w/ snips):
>>I did a major remodel two months back, and cleaned
out the mulm from around the rhyzom - there wasn't

OK, it was worth a shot...I learned about that one
first hand.

>>I'm stumped!<<

Me too.

>>I cut and moved and replanted Anubias in the past
eight years, in a variety of lighting situations,
fertilizing regimes etc. and have never seen anything
like it.<< 

Well, if you have just recently cut them I would think
that something got in there and is messing up the
works. I have had mixed success trimming Anubias,
albeit I'm successful the vast majority of the time.
What *I* would do is get a couple of obviously healthy
specimens from the store and see if they exhibit
similar symptoms...It's the only way to know. Also,
look carefully at the cut ends of your plants. Any rot
will be evident. 

>>Here are the parameters: 60 gal, pH 7.8, hardness
400 ppm+, Flourish dosing 5 ml every 3 days, KH 15
deg, temp 78, 96 Watts PC. I dose nitrates and
phosphates by feel. No algae except small amounts of
spot algae.<<

Sounds good to me except maybe pH. If your stems are
doing well then it's not nutrients that's holding up
your Anubias. I'd bet the farm on that one....pH is a
little high. You adding CO2? If your macrandra is
doing well then you are, I'd bet, but low CO2 levels
will leave less of a chance for weak plants to survive
a big trim, IME.

I'm intrigued by your dilemma. Please keep me posted,

John Wheeler

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