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Re: Lake in the middle of the tank

> Why not a different approach: glue a new tank in as before, but fill the
> _inner_ tank with water, instead of the outside one? That might not be
> *quite* as neat looking, but would still offer lots of unique
> possibilities, and eliminate some of the structural challenges people
> have brought up. Fish inside, land critters/plants outside (probably not
> gerbils or hampsters--these don't take humidity well).

I think you've gotten the creative bug there William! A very good 180 degree
turn on the idea.

This is a great idea. Want a low maintenance carpeted foreground? Or that Mt
effect in the middle?

Lizards, froggies, Chameleons or even a rat as the principle "actor"?

What about seasonal dragonflies?

One could certainly enjoy crypts/Anubias as emergent plants and also keep
them submersed in a nice looking set up.

Tom Barr