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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V5 #175

John responded to my question:

{quot}At Monday, 6/24/02 at 03:48 AM, you wrote:
I find that, despite the slow growth, Anubias sp are

gross consumers in high light, and potent oxygen

producers. If your other plants are doing OK, then I

would rule out nutrient deficiency. Instead, check the

rhizome where the plant meets the wood/rock that it is

attached to. If mulm or other detrius collects there,

the plants will rot from the base up, and produce some

interesting colors...especially yellows and browns

You say that you keep dumping macros and traces in.

(how much?) If your other plants are doing well, then

Anubias should be getting plenty of what they need." 

That was my thinking as well. Everything else is doing fine - in fact I
never had this problem before (8 years +) nor does it occur in other

I did a major remodel two months back, and cleaned out the mulm from
around the rhyzom - there wasn't much.

I'm stumped! I cut and moved and replanted Anubias in the past eight
years, in a variety of lighting situations, fertilizing regimes etc. and
have never seen anything like it. 

Here are the parameters: 60 gal, pH 7.8, hardness 400 ppm+, Flourish
dosing 5 ml every 3 days, KH 15 deg, temp 78, 96 Watts PC. I dose
nitrates and phosphates by feel. No algae except small amounts of spot

All other plants are thriving: R. macranda, H. polysperma, medium sized
echinodorus, java fern, 5 or  species of crypts, N. lotus red, etc.
Some floaters.

I noticed this {quot}Christmas tree effect{quot} first on one plant, now
it appears to spread to other, but not all, Anubias in the 

I'd be grateful for any insights!

Michael Eckardt


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