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Re: PC Bulbs -- Is an Instant Rapid Enough for Ya?

Scott said:

Lamp life might be a problem if you use a ballast that's instant start
on PC bulbs since PCs are rapid start bulbs.

Fulham ballasts are instant start.  So are IceCaps, as I recall.  I
think PCs are instant start lamps.  At least the don't mind being
treated lone ones.  :-)


The sockets for PCs are mostly 4 pin so that would indicate rapid start.
Fulham ballasts are instant start but Icecaps are supposed to be program
rapid start. Icecaps wiring diagram indicate rapid start. Sylvania
ballasts for the 55 watt lamps are programmed rapid start and Philips
ballasts for 55 watt lamps are rapid start. Rapid starting of lamps is
necessary for frequent switching applications but I guess that it
doesn't matter in an aquarium. The fact that Fulhams are instant start
is pretty much proof that with a once per day cycle it is OK to start a
PC with an instant start ballast. It might become a problem with a twice
a day cycle especially with the 96 watt lamp. I think David Gomberg did
complain that his 96 watt lamp did not that long on a twice per day
cycle. One note of importance is to make sure that if you do use an
instant start ballast on a rapid start lamp is to make sure that you put
in a jumper in the socket to join each pair of pins together or use a
pre-jumpered socket. If you don't the lamp won't last a year.