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Re: Paint for inside of hood--Miscellaneous commments

I used McKlousky's Marine varnish: 3 coats with, light sanding in between
coats. I let the reflectors handle the reflecting. Final cure time is
approximately one week.

Of far greater importance is the construction detail. Solid wood, with the
possible exception of brazilian mahagony and southern cypress, will warp and
split, eventually, in the environment of a fish tank.

I used a combination of cherry plywood and hardwood. Good plywood (grade a/a
or a/b) will not warp or split since there is no wood movement. The hardwood
consist of one inch strips of edging, mitered at 45 deg at the 4 corners for
looks. I used dowels and water resistant wood glue to piece it all together.

Water and moisture _will_ eventually get to the wood, regardless of what
finish you apply. You construct the enclosure to anticipate this inevitable
fact. As with fine furniture makers of the past (and present), it's the
invisible construction details that will make the furniture last.

I agree with Scott, Flexner's book is the best. He used to have a monthly
article in Woodshop News, on which his book is based. Flexner debunks all of
the myths and silly notions that people have, and the industry perpetuates,
about finishes and paints.
Augustine Rodriguez
Rice Lake, WI USA

> An excellent single source on finishes for wood is the book:
> Understanding Wood Finishing
> by Bob Flexner
> It is the best single book on the subject.
> Scott H.