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Re: Paint for inside of hood--Miscellaneous commments re

S. Hieber at shieber at yahoo_com wrote:

>> Porter Paints makes a product called Acrylic Bonding Primer that will work
>> well. It's a latex paint
> It probaly has acrylic resin too besides latex particles, both ground
> up quite finely.

Actually, now that you mention it, I think I called it a "latex" paint since
it's water-based. But it may not have any latex in it at all.

> These finsihes are great for house exteriors because they "breathe."
> They peel less because moisture can pass through more easily instead of
> getting trapped behind and lifting the paint frm the wood.  So latex or
> acrylic paints will never seal as well as petroleum-solvent-based
> paints and finishes.  It is in fact one of their key features, for
> better or worse.

Unless water constantly comes in direct contact with the hood, you don't
need a sealed watertight finish. This paint gives plenty of protection
against occasional splashes or humidity.

>> Even though it's a primer, it lasts a long time without a finish enamel over
>> it, probably because of the linseed oil.
> It's durability definitely doesn't depend on the linseed oil, which
> imparts very little compared to other polymers that are used in paints
> and finishes.

I'm not a chemist, but I'm guessing that the linseed oil does contribute to
this product's durability by giving it more flexibility and better adherance
to wood or something. Why else would they put it in there?

Dan Dixon