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Re: Anubias deficiency

Hey Gang,

Sorry for not naming the poster who asked about this.
I forgot to look before I hit reply:|....

>>This raises a question for me:
The picture in Kasselmann's book, page 341, showing L.
pariflora, also shows a leaf of an Anubias barteri on
the bottom left. The veins are green, yet the rest of
the leaf is yellow. This is happening to me in a
higher light tank (96 W AHsupply/ 62 gall) when the
Anubias are not planted in the substrate. Is this a
trace (iron?) deficiency in the water column? I ask
because I keep pouring traces and macros into the tank

I find that, despite the slow growth, Anubias sp are
gross consumers in high light, and potent oxygen
producers. If your other plants are doing OK, then I
would rule out nutrient deficiency. Instead, check the
rhizome where the plant meets the wood/rock that it is
attached to. If mulm or other detrius collects there,
the plants will rot from the base up, and produce some
interesting colors...especially yellows and browns

You say that you keep dumping macros and traces in.
(how much?) If your other plants are doing well, then
Anubias should be getting plenty of what they need. 

John Wheeler


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