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Re: lindernia rotundafolia

Diana asked about Lindernia rotundafolia.

I found a reference to L. rotundifolia in Kasselmann (still the German
edition) where she discusses L. parviflora, a closely related species.
According to Kasselmann it does not demand much - pH, hardness, substrate
are not very important - except that it requires high light levels. Optimum
temp is at 22-26 deg C.

She also writes that it is a fast growing plant - consequently I would
assume that it requires decent CO2, macros and traces. It apparently was
considered a weed in waterplant nurseries and partially banished.
This raises a question for me:
The picture in Kasselmann's book, page 341, showing L. pariflora, also shows
a leaf of an Anubias barteri on the bottom left. The veins are green, yet
the rest of the leaf is yellow. This is happening to me in a higher light
tank (96 W AHsupply/ 62 gall) when the Anubias are not planted in the
substrate. Is this a trace (iron?) deficiency in the water column? I ask
because I keep pouring traces and macros into the tank ...

Michael Eckardt