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D.I.Y. G.F.C.I.

Regarding power supply.
Carlon makes a great line of easy to use water resistant boxes and conduit
systems. If you have access to a junction box or panel you can easily run a
watertight G.F.C.I. circuit. The Carlon blue flexible P.V.C. conduit has a
system that uses snap lock connectors for the junction boxes and you use
P.V.C. cement to assemble the water tight conduit connections. Use 12 gauge
stranded wire inside the conduit. Make sure to buy clamp on terminals to
make your outlet connections with the stranded
wire. The outlet boxes come in several shapes and sizes to accomidate any
number of outlets. They make a cool watertight switch enclosure that costs
about 5 bucks. I'm not sure your wife ( or significant other ) wants to see
blue conduit coming down the wall but if your serious this can be a really
great and safe way to go.
Steve Maier