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Re: White Paint for inside of hood

stephanieac2001 at juno_com at stephanieac2001 at juno_com wrote:

> I just finished my tank hood and stained the outside a nice cherry color.  I
> want to paint the inside of the hood white.  I am wondering what type of paint
> to get.  I will have an open top and I want to make sure that condensation on
> the inside of the hood won't cause dangerous chemicals in the paint to enter
> the tank as water drips down.  Maybe this is not an issue but I have not had a
> tank before without a cover glass. Please advise me on a good bright white
> paint that won't hurt my fish and plants.
> Stephanie

Porter Paints makes a product called Acrylic Bonding Primer that will work
well. It's a latex paint that contains a small amount of linseed oil, and it
sticks to bare wood better than any other latex paint I've ever used. It has
an ethelyne glycol vehicle and dries out pretty quick so it doesn't keep
producing fumes for a long time like oil-based paints. It also has a flat
bright white finish. Even though it's a primer, it lasts a long time without
a finish enamel over it, probably because of the linseed oil.

Dan Dixon