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Re: IceCap Ballasts -- What's the watts or who's on first

> I know it is a lot to ask as there are so many
> possibilities but they could at least give the factors for a few
> common
> combinations. Without the B.F. no accurate prediction of light level
> can
> be made.

Scott wrote:

True enough but I'll bet they are techinically rated at better than .9,
nothing fancy.


The ballast factor is not constant it varies with the lamps. Probably
from something like .60 when underdriving VHOs and 2.2 when overdriving
NO lamps. This is a critical piece of info if you want to know what you
are getting. I think it is a little bit of dirty pool for Icecap to not
explain this in their marketing. It kind of mystifies me that they take
this approach as I think they have a good product.