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White Paint for inside of hood

I had a one piece stand/hood furniture enclosure built for my 92 gallon
tank.  The moisture thing scared me as well.  The glass cover is on the tank
but the big triangle plastic piece on the back is not(it is a corner tank).
By painting the inside of the unit (minus the front doors) with white marine
epoxy, it reflects the light which is great, but it also protects the wood.
The Icecap variable speed fan in top helps pull moisture and heat from the
MH out also.

IMHO, it doesn't make sense to go to the effort and expense of building
something nice and then not going ahead and eating the additional cost to
protect it. Marine primer/epoxy is expensive but a good insurance policy
against ruining your hood.  I am not aware of anything it would leach into
your tank. You need to let it cure before sticking it on the tank.  I've
never had condensation build up in mine.

I can tell you that painting the bottom of the stand was a lifesaver
however.  Due to operator error and leaky connections on a reactor, I have
flooded the stand 3 times (up to an inch of water) and not one drop seeped
out of the stand.  It is best, however, if one refrains from sharing with
the spouse that you have flooded any portion of the house again.  Even if
you are thrilled none got out in the floor this time...