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Re: diy gfci extension cord

Gordon L. Mc Lellan described an economical DIY GFCI extension cord.

Just to add to the options, you can buy a Ground Fault Interrupter cord
for about $15 plus shipping from ThatPetPlace or driect from the maker


They used to make a version for three-prong plugs that had a
three-prong plug itself.  I'm not sure if they still do.  I've used
these in a number of situations and they have always performed very

But these won't handle as many amps as Gordon's homemade device, which
is good for 20 amps total depending on the cord.  The Fireshield is
good for 13 amps.

GFCI extension cords are normally widely avaialable for consturction
site/power tool use  *and* for just that purpose they are designed so
that they stay off if the power goes out until you manually reset them.
 Wall socket GFCIs come back on as soon as power is restored without
manual reset unless and only unless there is a ground fault and not a
mere power outage.

GFCI wall sockets detect one more kind of fault situation than does the
Fireshield cords.

Remember, if you don't need the portabilityh, then instead of making a
GFCI extension cord, you can always buy GFCI outlets and use them as
replacments for the ones in the wall that you aquarium stuff is
plugging into.  Electrically, neither the GFCI nor anything plug into
the circuit will know the difference and it takes less skill than
someone like Gordon obviously has.

Scott H.

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