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Re: IceCap Ballasts -- What's the watts or who's on first

When S. Hieber said:

> Eventually, it came out that IceCaps overdrive lamps rated for higher
> wattages and underdrove those rated for lower wattages.  Being
> electronic (operating at a much higher frequency), you still got more
> light (or maybe about as much) light from a large high wattage bulb
> than from a more conventional magnetic (a.k.a. tar) ballast.
> But what I never came across was any listing of the watts for IceCaps
> with different combinations of bulbs.  A few values have been
> published.  Four 110-watt-rated VHO bulbs get 230 watts out of an
> IceCap.  I think a pair of 75 watt VHOs get something over 200 also.

I actually meant to say that that IceCaps *underdrive* lamps rated for
higher wattages and *overdrive* those rated for lower wattages.

Funny how a couple of little words can make so much difference.

Scott H.

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