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re: osram lumilux

> Date: Fri, 21 Jun 2002 15:57:49 -0400
> From: "Wayne Jones" <waj at mnsi_net>
> Subject: Re: osram lumilux
> The difference betwen the two lamps is the color rendering. lamps with
> 9xx are high color rendering  the 8xx lamps are somewhat lower. I don't
> think the spectral graphic means a whole lot. That is the third spectrum
> for the same lamp I have seen published by Osram.

I think you're right here ... I spoke with a inside sales person at sylvania
he claimed the 860 is the highest kelvin bulb they make, at 6700k, that
8xx is their color rendering index (80+).

He claims the 950 has a higher cri of like 91 and is 5500k.  The guy at
osram was supprised to receive my call, as it was the second call he'd
gotten this week regarding these bulbs for a "non typical" lighting

> The fancy reflector is basically the whole system. If you don't have it
> there is no point in using PCs. You can do just as well or better with

I don't disagree that reflectors are important ... originally I was lighting
my tank with a few t8 strip lights laying on the glass above the water,
talk about inefficent, most of the light was going into the room, rather
than the water.  The new hood I built is painted high-gloss white on the
inside with something called Painters Touch by Rustoleum.  It is a very
bright white, and made a huge difference on the t8's.  I'm sure polished
aluminum could do even better, but imho (for my own needs) this white
paint works really well, and is a lot easier then trying to polish and bend
sheet aluminum myself, and a lot less expensive then a pre-made reflector.

> attach your lamps to your hood. I think AH Supply prices their stuff
> very reasonably. By the time you assemble all that yourself you will
> have spent nearly the same amount of money anyway for something that is
> not as good.

I agree 100% ... AH's prices are so good I've considered buying their
premade retro kits several times.  But a large part of my interest in the
aquari hobby is doing as many things myself as possible (for now I'll leave
the glasswork to the pros at the factory though!).

Thanks for the tip on "hot wiring" the ballasts, I'll have to research that!