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Re: Dry land tank

On Saturday 22 June 2002 13:48, Chrys wrote:

> A good friend of mine "rescued" a very thick old hardback book about
> aquarium fish after it had been so abused her father was going to throw it
> out.  I apologize that I neither recall the author or the title right now,
> but this book had a photograph of a large purpose built setup in this
> style, and recommended it as a way to be able to see plants in your tank if
> you had herbivorous fish.  IT also had a design with a back section of the
> tank sealed off behind a wall of glass, with plants behind it, and fish in
> the front section.

The latter example is in "Encyclopedia of Tropical Fish" by Axelrod and 
Vorderwinkler.  I don't know it's in new editions but my 11th edition (1968) 
shows two different photographs of the same tank.  I haven't found the photo 
of a tank-in-a-tank sort of setup.

Roger Miller