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Re: White Paint for inside of hood

On Saturday 22 June 2002 13:48, Stephanie wrote:

> I just finished my tank hood and stained the outside a nice cherry color. 
> I want to paint the inside of the hood white.  I am wondering what type of
> paint to get.  I will have an open top and I want to make sure that
> condensation on the inside of the hood won't cause dangerous chemicals in
> the paint to enter the tank as water drips down.  Maybe this is not an
> issue but I have not had a tank before without a cover glass. Please advise
> me on a good bright white paint that won't hurt my fish and plants.

You shouldn't have to worry about toxicity as long as you make sure that the 
paint is fully cured before you put the hood on the tank.  Give it a few days 
after you paint it before you use it.

I've tried several kinds of paint before, and all of them have yellowed, 
peeled and/or mildewed in time.  Those are all full-cover fixtures.  An 
open-tank design should pose fewer problems.

My most recent attempt is for an open or nearly open top.  The part at and 
below the lights is painted with a white primer and a Behr brand ultra white 
high gloss enamel  interior/exterior Acrylic latex paint.  It's supposed to 
be water resistent and mildew resistent.  It looks great and so far there are 
no problems.  But then so far there is no water in the tank.

If the paint does yellow or mildew then so be it.  The white paint isn't a 
functional part of the reflector anyway.  The mirror-polished aluminum 
reflectors from ahsupply do that job.

Roger Miller