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Another center donut idea

 Here's yet another idea that looks nice.
If you use a center overflow box, gluing some cork and attaching
plants to the center of the box will make the box appear part of
the set up.
You can also glue a number of branches that eminate from the
center overflow column to the cork or use nothing but driftwood.

This produces a similar round-about design. Take a look at some
Amano's tanks that have branchy roots placed about in the center
from the basic design.

This would allow considerable swimming room near the outside
edges of the tank to view your fish. It would hide the overflow

Not quite the central "mountain design" but a central column
instead. If you had an open top it woulkd be like a small
"island atoll" that pokes out with a few leaves breaking the

Tom Barr  

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