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Re: Dryland tanks -- Dry Opinions

Roger Miller seem to say "no thanks" about dry tanks inside water

> Honestly, I fail (utterly and miserably) to understand *why* someone
> would 
> want to do that.

Undoubtedly, the toroidal terrarium, or moated managerie, will not
appeal or interest many, just as many do not understand why anyone
would want a tank full of bacteria-ridden water and fish in their
house.  Or why womeone would want a reptile of any sort in their house
to, of all things, *look at*.  Feed small mammals to snakes in a glass
viewing cage?

I don't think there are any ecological advantages here, a dryland is
simply an aethetic alternative, albeit an unnatural one.  But hey,
we're talking about glass tanks -- how natural is that anyhow?

Scott H.

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