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Re: Dry Land Tank

This tank sounds very cool.  Just think, a place built in for those plants
that are supposed to be true aquatics but aren't, just ready and waiting
for the unhappy interlopers!

I've always adored the fish roundabout tank at the Academy of Sciences
Aquarium in Golden Gate Park (San Francisco) and watching those tuna really
zoom around it.....and wished for a tank with a fleet of  fast fish like
that who would zoom around.  Giant Danios look a little like tuna (ok, very
little, but they are silvery and school) and wouldn't they be cool going
round and round?  I've been spending a lot of time on the Loaches Online
site (www.loaches.com) and reading about hillstream loaches, that like a
lot of current.....if you really could build a good current this way, there
might be other fish from fast-flowing streams you could keep, or get to
breed, in a tank like this....  But what plants would stand up to a really
strong current?

Keep us posted on how it goes!

Diane Brown