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Re: osram lumilux

Gordon wrote:

Has anyone found a better source for this Osram Lumilux or Biolux

To see the specs on the Lumilux visit http://catalog.myosram.com and
for E4050300321417 ... when the search engine brings it up, click on the
little "information" icon near the top of the table, it will take you to
page that is all german, the first two links are spectragraphs of the
... the second spectragraph is for the lumilux at about 5000k, the first
link must be a different model (6700k maybe?) as the spectrum has higher
peaks and less of the stuff in between.

BTW: I found a dealer on the Internet that can get a dual light ballast
or 55w in the same package) for about $30, he is checking to see if his
company can also order the bulbs.  I will ask if he wouldn't mind me
out his email on the list... I'm sure there are others not afraid of DIY
that cringe at AHSupply's $60+ for a dual light setup (I must say
AHSupply's price is very very resonable, especially with all the extras
include [fancy reflector, etc])

The difference betwen the two lamps is the color rendering. lamps with
9xx are high color rendering  the 8xx lamps are somewhat lower. I don't
think the spectral graphic means a whole lot. That is the third spectrum
for the same lamp I have seen published by Osram. They are all different
depending on which country the product is sold in. I would probably go
with the 860 spectrum as I am not sure how efficient the 950 spectrum
lamp is at converting electricity into light. It is probably exactly the
same but who knows.

The fancy reflector is basically the whole system. If you don't have it
there is no point in using PCs. You can do just as well or better with
T8 lamps. Those 55 watt PCs can be run on the ballasts for 4 x 32 watt
lamps you can buy at Home Depot. You just have to wire two outputs
together for each lamp. I haven't tried it myself but I know of others
who have done it. You can also do this with T8 lamps. You don't really
need the sockets as you can wire the lamps direct and use heat shrink
tubing on the connections. You also need some UV resistant tie wraps to
attach your lamps to your hood. I think AH Supply prices their stuff
very reasonably. By the time you assemble all that yourself you will
have spent nearly the same amount of money anyway for something that is
not as good.