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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V5 #169

Terrarium in the middle of a tank:

>> It's using a larger tank, say 75 gallon tank and placing a 25
>> gallon tank in the middle gluing it down the bottom of the
>> glass. 

>Gluing shouldn't be necessary, should it?  With sand and
>water, they
>aren't going to move, right?

It displaces 25 gallon of water, it'll float just like a steel
ship loaded with cargo.

>> The really nice thing about this design is that you have a
>> circlular shape so fish can swim around and around the

>This should work very well with a view-from-all-sides
>location. . . .

Or three sides. 
Ideally it makes a good desigjn for a larger walk around tank.
You can have the overflow in the dry section in the middle and
that would hide everything. Placing some wood /plants etc over
that, you'd never see it.

>Scott H.

Tom Barr

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