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Re: osram lumilux

Gordon -
	I have found that AHSupply's prices are not far out of line as compared
to trying to assemble the parts yourself. I was able to have Hughes Electric
order the Fulham Workhorse 5 ballasts for $24 and change each, plus shipping and 
tax. The 2G11 ends caps were hard to locate at a reasonable price, I ended up paying
about $2.50 each for them. However, I recently found an old thread on a reef list 
where someone ordered both end caps and bulb clips in quantity and was selling them to
recover costs, about $2.50 per bulb for clips and caps. I will ask if he minds if I
give out is email. The reflectors are another interesting case. If you order them from
AHSupply, I believe they come with bulb clips(based on some email that we exchanged).
There are other sources out there, but the cheapest that I recall seeing was about $15 
each. You can make them out of aluminum flashing, but they won't have quite the same
reflective qualities.


Jon Wright
Jon.Wright at DropShip_org