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Re: Dry land tank

Thomas Barr described a fresh tank design, a toroid with corners:

> This is an old idea but one that is very interesting and very
> nice to look at.

It sounds so obvious, that it *must* be an old idea.  But I don't
recall ever coming across it.  If you're "reinventing the wheel,"
everyone I know is using sleds. :-)

> It's using a larger tank, say 75 gallon tank and placing a 25
> gallon tank in the middle gluing it down the bottom of the
> glass. 

Gluing shouldn't be necessary, should it?  With sand and water, they
aren't going to move, right?

> The lips match up since they are the same height.

> Sort of like a square donut. 

Well, we won't be sending you out for crullers & sinkers!

> You fill up the the 75 with sand /water etc and add filters etc
> like normal.
> The inside of the 25 gallon tank(roughly a 2ft x 1ft foot print)
> is planted with terrarium plants, and you can add lizards,
> poison arrow frongs etc.
> The really nice thing about this design is that you have a
> circlular shape so fish can swim around and around the center.

This should work very well with a view-from-all-sides location. . . .

> . . .Folks do the back wall dry land method but this one is better
> suited for a square shaped tank and is quite unique.

No reason one couldn't do both in one set up.

This translates very well to view-from-the-top setups also, such as

This is the first really refreshing thing I've heard in a while. 
Scott H.

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