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osram lumilux

Has anyone found a better source for this Osram Lumilux or Biolux Dulux-L

To see the specs on the Lumilux visit http://catalog.myosram.com and search
for E4050300321417 ... when the search engine brings it up, click on the
little "information" icon near the top of the table, it will take you to a
page that is all german, the first two links are spectragraphs of the bulb
... the second spectragraph is for the lumilux at about 5000k, the first
link must be a different model (6700k maybe?) as the spectrum has higher
peaks and less of the stuff in between.

BTW: I found a dealer on the Internet that can get a dual light ballast (36
or 55w in the same package) for about $30, he is checking to see if his
company can also order the bulbs.  I will ask if he wouldn't mind me giving
out his email on the list... I'm sure there are others not afraid of DIY
that cringe at AHSupply's $60+ for a dual light setup (I must say however,
AHSupply's price is very very resonable, especially with all the extras they
include [fancy reflector, etc])


Thank you for all your input on my previous query about watts per gallon ...

I'm building myself some custom canopies (hoods) using Hoa G. Nguyen (thanks
man, great simple plan!)
[http://www.geocities.com/Heartland/Hills/2637/canopy.html] currently I'm
building a ~20x10" for one of my 10 gal tanks and a ~32x12" for my 29 gal

The 10 gal has overkill lighting of 3x15watt t8's (two penn-plaxx aquria lux
[or something] and one cool-white), just wanted to see what would happen
with that and lots of CO2

The 29 gal has 4x20watt t12's (two GE plant/aquarium, one GE chroma 50
[daylight], one cool-white).

Also working on getting CO2 into this tank, fidgeting with a DIY powered CO2
dissolver using a 60gph mini fountain pump and some 1.25" tubing.


Anyone know of a good source to get cheap (inexpensive) medium bi-pin lamp
holders (screw down or with brackets, or snap-on) ... I'm stuck with Home
Depot's GE/Leviton holders which are extremely brittle and difficult to
screw down.  I have some Triboro that I canalized from an old strip-light.
The are very small and have a hole in the middle for screw down, but no one
sells them, and I heard Triboro is out of business or bought out by someone.

Also looking for the 2g11 endcaps.


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To: <Aquatic-Plants at actwin_com>
Subject: Subject: Re: Osram bulbs
From: "Bob" <luna at cshore_com>
Date: Wed, 2 Feb 2000 17:33:18 -0500
References: <200002022048.PAA11807 at actwin_com>


In regards to the questions below.....I purchased a 6700K Sylvania 55W CF
from http://www.ahsupply.com/ that works perfectly in my Perfecto SHO 48"
strip light. It is marked: CF-LE  55W/860   25689 Made in Germany. I also
have a Perfecto that is marked: Perfecto SHO 2G11 6700K Made in Germany.
Both bulbs are identical except for the markings. I believe that AH can
supply the 5400K bulbs as that is where I purchased mine about 8 months ago.
Get a hold of Kim at AH as I'm sure he can answer further questions about
the bulbs and ballasts. I have been using his 55W X2 retrofit kit and it is
excellent . They now offer a single ballast (as opposed to the 2 originally
offered) kit that will run 2X 55W CF's.
Bob Buettner
In sunny but cold, with a nice white landscape, Northwestern CT
Visit the new location for my Freshwater Aquarium site

> Date: Wed, 2 Feb 2000 11:05:17 -0500 (EST)
> From: busko at stsci_edu (Ivo Busko)
> Subject: Re: Osram bulbs
> Stephen Boulet <stepheb at comm_mot.com> wrote:
> > I was interested in the Osram Dulux L 5400K compact fluorescent after
> reading the
> > article at http://www.aquabotanic.com/lightcompare.htm.
> >
> > I called an Osram rep who could only find this bulb in a max temperature
> of 4100 K.
> > Is she right about that?  :)
> >
> > The part number for the 4100K is FT55DL-841. I assume the 5400K would be
> > FT55DL-841.
> >
> > She recommended the Quicktronic ballast QT1x54 PHO (or 2x54 for two
> lights). Any
> > ballast recommendations for this bulb?
> >
> > Thanks.
> >
> > - -- Stephen
> >
> These are European bulbs from Osram/Sylvania, sold by Perfecto for their
> SHOLigth fixtures. Mine sport a "made in Italy" label. And the Osram rep
> is rigth, the American Osram/Sylvania data sheet for the Dulux L model
> lists color temperatures up to 4100K only. You'll probably have to buy
> the 5000K model from places that sell the Perfecto fixtures.
> The ballast in my 36" SHOligth is the QT2x54 PHO.
> - -Ivo Busko
>  Baltimore, MD
> ------------------------------
> Date: Wed, 02 Feb 2000 10:27:13 -0600
> From: Stephen Boulet <stepheb at comm_mot.com>
> Subject: T8s for a 55 (was Osram bulbs)
> William R. Curtin wrote:
> > I also looked into getting the Osram 5400K and the 6700K bulbs from
> > dealers and was told that the 4100K is the highest they list.  What is
> > probably the case is that Osram is manufacturing then OEM(original
> > manufacturer)  for Perfecto in the U.S. so Osram USA has no listing in
> > catalog for them as a direct retail item. I believe they are available
> > Europe. When I first bought my SHO lights, My bulbs were in Osram boxes
> > inside of Perfecto Boxes but later bulbs were in Perfecto boxes only.
> >
> Yuck. Sounds like a great way to pay Perfecto some $$$. <rant> Why is it
that the
> american market gets lighting after the rest of the world if at all?
> Anyway, I think I'll stick with T8s, but I'd like to get some
recommendations for my 55
> gallon for medium to high light plants.
> Questions:
> 1) Should I use 3 or 4 bulbs? (I was thinking of using 4 bulbs with two
ballasts, each
> on a separate timer).
> 2) Can anyone recommend some bulbs they've had good luck with that would
be great for
> plants and have a light balance that would be pleasing to the eye? I
realize that some
> combination might be my best bet.
> 3) Would any ballast with a power factor > 1 or 1.1 be fine?
> Much thanks.
> - -- Stephen
> ------------------------------