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Dry land tank

This is an old idea but one that is very interesting and very
nice to look at.

It's using a larger tank, say 75 gallon tank and placing a 25
gallon tank in the middle gluing it down the bottom of the
glass. The lips match up since they are the same height.
Sort of like a square donut. 
You fill up the the 75 with sand /water etc and add filters etc
like normal.
The inside of the 25 gallon tank(roughly a 2ft x 1ft foot print)
is planted with terrarium plants, and you can add lizards,
poison arrow frongs etc.

The really nice thing about this design is that you have a
circlular shape so fish can swim around and around the center.
Using power heads or filters, you can design this to have a
fairly strong current since it builds as it passes the filter
out each time.

The tank I saw years ago was a 200 gallon tank(4ftx4ftx 20inches
tall and had a 18Lx 12W x 20H terrarium in it. It really looks
very nice.

Folks do the back wall dry land method but this one is better
suited for a square shaped tank and is quite unique.

Tom Barr  

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