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Pond Snails; Friend or Foe?

OK folks!  I've read about all I can stand regarding the prolific "pond
snail" or, "the snails with the pointy butt" as one person in the archives
described them <smyle>.

The question is this;  Do these little creatures deserve to stay on the
plants when I get them from the postman, or do I do whatever it takes (short
of formaldahyde in the tank) to get rid of them?

I have read that they have been observed to only eat unhealthy plants and
also that they destroyed otherwise good looking specimens.

What is the final verdict?  Stay, or go?

If they must go then what is the best fish for hunting these little buggars

If they stay how does one limit their existance to only several dozen?

Thanx in advance!!

Michael from Sunny Northern Indiana where the pond snails are multiplying!